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Monday, July 22, 2024

Canada to allocate over $28M to Ukraine for recovery

Canada will allocate more than USD 15 million to Ukraine to restore energy infrastructure damaged by Russian shelling.

The Office of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this following his participation in the Peace Summit in Switzerland.

“The Government of Canada is investing [CAD] $20 million (nearly USD 15 million) to support Ukraine’s urgent efforts to replace damaged energy equipment and infrastructure,” the Office said.

In particular, the Government of Canada is investing CAD 15.4 million (nearly USD 12 million) to improve Ukraine’s capacity to clear its territory of mines and other explosive remnants of war, to help Ukraine acquire the technical assistance and training needed for economic reforms and eventual accession to the European Union, and provide Ukraine’s government with technical assistance in the justice and energy sectors.

The Government of Canada is also investing CAD 2 million (nearly USD 1.5 million) to uphold the safe and secure operations of nuclear facilities in Ukraine through the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The Office recalled that Justin Trudeau earlier announced a CAD 52.4 million package (more than USD 40 million) of measures in support of Ukraine. In particular, Canada’s newly announced package in support of Ukrainians includes CAD 15 million (nearly USD 11.5 million) to support vulnerable children, youth at risk, and the reintegration of displaced children returning to Ukraine through improved child protection services and family-based care options.

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